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Cactus Taqueria
Cactus never disappoints. Along with being a reasonable value, the food is always very fresh. They use some Niman Ranch meat and are also very vegan and veggie friendly. Their enchiladas and tamales a

Cafe Marimba
The restaurant doesn't have its own URL, but I found one on SFBayShop that shows pictures and lists basic info. I've gone here everytime I've been in San Francisco. Love it!

Authentic or not, the burritos are good. The machaca burrito is probably my all time favorite burrito from any restaurant.

Dos Coyote
Great Mexican food, both vegetarian/vegan and for meat lovers. If ever in the Sacramento area, check it out!

El Castillito
A small taqueria located on a busy section of Church Street in San Francisco, they serve up some of the best Al Pastor and Carne Asada. Their salsa verde is delicious!

El Farolito
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El Zarape
Great, cheap, and authentic Mexican food. The $1 fish tacos cannot be beat.

Gordo\\\\\\\'s Taqueria
The VERY BEST of all mission style (fatty) burritos

The flavor offered by the homemade tortillas, unique sauces and fresh ingredients from this teeny burrito stand is unbelievable. Their burritos frun the gamut from simple but flavorful to ginormous!

King Taco
They make an all-meat carne asada burrito that comes in a handmade tortilla for $4.50. What's not to love?

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