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Alto Cinco
No one makes a covered burrito with Mole like Alto.

Solid burritos, good menu options.

Bomber's Burrito Bar
great atmosphere including a Ms. Pacman arcade game, cheap giant burritos, multiple vegetarian menu items

From the owners of Diner and Marlow and Sons, Bonita is the best Mexican food in all of New York City. The menu is small, as it should be, the food is fresh, and the guacamole is the best!
Tell Us Why You Like It - This guy has been to over 100 burrito shops all over the country! He has taken all the best of each and has made an excellent burrito... especially for upstate new york. I

There are several of them, they are decent and fill you up. Free chips too.

Downtown Bakery
It's a dive, but it's the best burrito I've had in NYC. Try to Chicken Mole burrito. They're also not afraid to add a little spice to the guac. The chicken is delicious and never tough/chewy

El Cantinero
Good food, STRONG drinks

El Paso Taqueria
Surprised you haven't been here. In my opinion, maybe the best Mexican secret in the city besides Itzocan cafe. Great Burritos, decent sangria and best guac ever!

Fiesta Cancun
Best Mexican north of the city. Family owned. #20 and #23 are the best. And always free dessert or after dinner drink.

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